Principal Architect – CIS Practice/Customer 1

Summary of the search: Senior Architect role to lead projects in the CIS area as a functional expert. The person must be able to understand business requirements and translate it into system requirements in order to design the system. The position required a deep and broad knowledge of the Utility Customer Service business processes with a specific hands-on experience with Customer/1.

Client: : Global technology services firm that defines designs and delivers information technology (IT)-enabled business solutions to its clients.

Location: Nationwide Search (with extensive travel)

Search Challenge:

  • Customer 1 is a legacy product that was in use at many utility companies across the world. Many companies using this product have moved onto CC&B, a product of Oracle This made the potential candidate pool very small.
  • Jobs available in this particular technology are very few because the usage of the product is typically limited to the Utilities sector and the Government. This limited scope has made the technology out dated resulting in a small pool of candidates, especially those with current/recent experience.
  • Strong understanding of the Utility Customer Service business processes with a specific hands-on and recent experience with Customer/1 made this search unique.


  • We chose a combination of internet sourcing tools, combined with candidate referrals to target the candidate. Various directory resources, in addition to Yahoo and Google were mined.
  • In order to broaden the potential candidate pool, various internet tools and techniques such as peel back, harvesting, X-ray and flip search techniques were used.
  • Efforts resulted in the generation of a list of candidates from the relevant industry. However, they were not exact matches in terms of skills and experience.
  • Our recruiters cold called this list of candidates and generated a list of referrals that were closer to the requirement. This list was further honed down resulting in 2 candidates who had the required skills for the role.

Result: It was critical that we closed one of these two candidates who were presented to the client. Setting the right expectations to the client and keeping them informed on how the search was progressing made them more sensitive to what the market for these candidates was. The candidate was also educated on our client capabilities and saw the potential for career growth in an otherwise narrow market. There were compensation challenges but in the end both client and candidate settled on a happy union.